Team Peppy

Come on in…

Welcome to Cornwall’s bespoke content crafter… Peppy Media.

Helping businesses find their story (the right story) and get their brand out there, Peppy is all about popping content that gets you noticed.


We throw convention out of the window, open our minds and unlock the person behind the brand with mind-popping, artisan word-smithery. It’s those personal moments we all share that can help define you. At Peppy, we embrace every one of these little touches and deliver them for screen, or print (we’re not fussy).

Are you ready?

For character. For fun. For content magic.

Meet… Hazel Murray, Peppy founder

Oh, it was a few moons ago that Hazel studied in Cornwall, headed to the big smoke, then realised she couldn’t live without all things Kernow.

After graduating from her journalism course (first-class honours) she bagged her first magazine role – working on a beauty mag of all things.

But damn, tubes are hot and stuffy in the summer, so, just a little while later, she packed a bag and drove back to the only place she wanted to be.

Since then?

She’s worked with some of the biggest media brands in Cornwall, interviewed the Prime Minister, covered the refugee crisis in Calais and persuaded Newton Faulkner to sing her brother happy birthday – a proud personal achievement.

And now?

Peppy was born some years later, when she decided to embark on a new adventure.

What’s in a name right?

Your Peppy Media was born from the naming of possibly the worst car, ever. Seriously. That battered Fiat Punto’s now resting in the big scrap heap in the sky… so, more a metaphor for rebirth than anything else. Ask her about it sometime.

With a whole host of digital, social and print experience (nope, print’s not dead), Hazel is not only a freelance journo but the engine behind Peppy.

And it’s all crafted from her favourite place in the world… not a stone’s throw from the beach.