Peppy Media Content Writer, Creator and Marketing in Newquay, Cornwall Fri, 04 Jan 2019 13:01:48 +0000 en-US hourly 1 What’s so great about tone of voice, anyway? Wed, 14 Nov 2018 12:46:37 +0000 Having a brand identity is a key part of running a business.

From the colours in your logos and visual branding to how you present yourself to each and every customer that walks through your door, consistency is crucial in helping people to remember you – long after you’ve made that first impression.

When you’re thinking about your brand logo, you wouldn’t chop and change the colours every five minutes depending on how you felt.

So, why do that with your messaging?

If you’re posting to social media, it’s super important to ensure you are keeping the same tone of voice throughout, so people know what kind of brand you are.

Think about it; are you a serious business, dealing with things like wealth management or insurance? Your tone is probably going to be very different to, say, a business promoting local surf lessons.

Here at Peppy, our tone is friendly, approachable – and a little bit off the wall (just like many of our clients!).

We want our potential clients to feel comfortable enough to pick up the phone and expect a fun, positive experience.

This is why in each and every post we do, and throughout our messaging on our whole website (including this blog), we carefully consider how we sound to those who may have never come across us before.

So, what should you be thinking about with every message you’re putting out?

First, think about who you’re targeting. Are they older people? Do they understand millennial slang or are they more likely to put you in your place for using a word that doesn’t ‘technically’ fit that purpose? We’re thinking things like ‘literally’ for things that aren’t actually ‘literal’, here.

Next, consider the product or service you are selling. Fun, upbeat and funny probably isn’t going to work for a funeral director. A local bar, though? Go for it.

Finally, make sure it’s consistent. We’ve already highlighted this above but it’s worth driving the message home. If you want to be the optimistic, generous friend with your branding, avoid posting abrupt, serious statuses in between happy posts about how wonderful your latest client has been.

Want some help with finding the right tone of voice for you? Get in touch! Email

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Why a professional profile photo is one step closer to success Mon, 01 Oct 2018 15:42:10 +0000 A photo can tell a thousand words… or so they say.

We’re always told not to judge a book by its cover and we absolutely shouldn’t.

Unfortunately, we’re also probably guilty of doing exactly that at some time or another.

Just from a first impression, we subconsciously make a number of assumptions about a person or a business, before we’ve even given them a real chance.

And, sometimes, this isn’t such a bad thing – how much we care about the representation of our work or ourselves could be an indication to customers of how we do business.

Looking sloppy? There’s the assumption that working with you might be unorganised, unprofessional or simply not up to scratch.

Looking sharp? We’d probably expect business with you to be quick and efficient with high-standard results.

Check out Sam from Dynamic Edge innovation (above). Would you want to do business with this guy? Probably.

It’s not hard to pick which impression you’d rather be giving.

So, why ruin it at the first hurdle with a poor headshot?

More and more people, particularly business owners and entrepreneurs, are using social media sites to find the services they need every day.

And as the digital world evolves, so should we.

Take this for an example; you wouldn’t put a picture of yourself crammed between three mates on your company website, so why are you doing it on your professional social media account?

We’re not talking about your personal account on Facebook, just FYI (though, you might want to check what comes up when you search for yourself… ya know, just in case).

We’re talking about sites like LinkedIn, which are becoming key hubs for businesses, where connections and deals are being made every hour.

Above: Coreena, co-founder of Coast & Green

It’s also worth bearing in mind that the image we’re putting out can also influence the way we feel about ourselves; at the end of the day, the term ‘dress for success’ didn’t come from nothing.

So, let us help you out – these are just four tips to help you get that ideal shot:

  • Distance: Think of your profile picture like your portfolio headshot. If I want to do business with you, I might want to put a face to a name. Let me actually see you, not just a spec stood by your favourite monument.
  • Groups: You might think that photo of you and your mates from Zante 2016 shows how ‘sociable’ you are – but I can’t actually tell which one is you. Make sure you are the only person in the photo.
  • Selfies: Everyone loves a selfie, but this isn’t a beauty competition. The popular lips-pouting-from-a-high-angle-shot (guys, we know you do it, too) is probably more like something for your dating profile. If you can get someone else to take the picture, do it.
  • Time-frame: Bear in mind that people doing business with you, particularly if they haven’t met you before, are expecting you to look like your profile picture. Try to use a photo that shows you as you are now, rather than 20 years ago.

headshot of Hazel from Peppy Media

We hope that some of these tips can help you get that near-perfect profile picture – but if you’d like some help, we love doing headshots here at Peppy Media!

From just £100, get in touch for professional social media and web shoots that will create that expert look for your business profile.

Just email or call 07920518727.

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Social media and three things you should be doing right now Fri, 07 Sep 2018 12:51:27 +0000 As business owners, particularly start-ups, we’re always facing that constant battle of what is going to be the most valuable use of our time.

We’ve all been there; three projects in, up to our eyeballs and struggling to think about the next week – let alone how to pay the bills next month.

However, one thing that is usually the first to go is our online marketing.

We’re all guilty of this – myself included (and, hell, this is my job!).

But the thing is, it is super important to maintain our online presence. It’s not just about reeling in the sales, either (we’d say definitely don’t try to sell a product in every post) but rather about building brand awareness.

Sure, the post about how your staff are enjoying ice cream during the heatwave might not boost sales immediately… but what it will do is let your customers know you’re a caring company. They’re way more likely to engage with that than the hundredth millionth time you’ve urged them to buy your product or service.

So, how can you battle the ticking clock and take control of your online channels?


It might be something you’ve never come across before, but it is incredibly useful. Spend an hour each week scheduling posts across your social media channels to make sure you’re looking active across the week. Then, when something spontaneous happens, you can post it on the spot!

Most sites will have scheduling tools that you can use for free (for example, Facebook has Facebook Business and for Twitter you can use Tweetdeck). Unfortunately, this is not yet possible on Instagram for free but there are, of course, paid options too – such as Hootsuite and Buffer. Just make sure you shop around to find the right tools for you.

Choosing the right channel

Most businesses will find their audience on a particular network. If you are a company offering services to businesses, using Facebook probably isn’t going to be your first port of call. Think about where you’ll reach your target audience – in this instance, LinkedIn. However, if you’re a clothing brand for millennials, you are more likely to find your target audience on apps like Instagram.

Just remember to be wary not to spend too much time on the channels that aren’t going to reach your audience. The danger? You might spend hours thinking you’re investing time in valuable work which isn’t going to give you a return.

Keep an eye on the news

There is a knack to using social media and keeping up with the latest news in the industry isn’t a bad idea. Ever heard of an algorithm? Well, social networks will use specific rules that determine how high up your content appears in your followers’ feeds.

This changes continually – for example, Facebook is currently focusing on live videos and ‘trusted’ content. This is why you usually see these posts higher up in your feed – because Facebook put them there. By posting engaging content that your audience will respond to, you’re building a higher trust score and therefore boosting your position in the feed. Add a video? You’re pretty much sorted (just don’t forget to make it relevant!).

If you’re looking for more advice on social media, email

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Writing press releases… that the editor will actually read Thu, 16 Aug 2018 13:58:09 +0000 News today… gone tomorrow.

It’s the ever-frustrating problem – getting your latest news out to the press, without having to pay the fees that come with advertising.

Thing is, we all think our news is exciting and important (and to be fair, to your company, we’re sure it is).

However, coming from a media background, it’s safe to say you’ve got to do something pretty special to catch our attention.

A news desk is a busy, sometimes manic, environment. It’s where journalists are sifting through hundreds of emails every day, keeping their eyes on every social media channel and responding to events as and when they happen.

To say the least, it’s not your sit-back-and-drink-tea kinda job. They’ve got deadlines, legal pressures and a dwindling workforce to deal with.

Honestly? It can get pretty stressful, even on a ‘slow day’ (which, contrary to what the online trolls believe, isn’t really a thing).

If you’re sending over a press release that doesn’t immediately grab their attention, it’s going straight in the bin. Or into the folder marked ‘later’… that no-one ever has a chance to look at later.

So, what can you do to make your press release stand out?

Here’s a couple of tips to get you started:

  • Get to the point. This is key – don’t make us read to the end of your press release to find out what you’re trying to say, because, chances are, we probably won’t get that far.
  • Make it human. Okay, so you’ve got this great new technology – don’t tell me what the complicated, textbook explanation is. Sum it up in a short and sweet way that is readable to most humans (we probably don’t have experience in your industry and our readers probably won’t either).
  • Give us a story worth telling. I’ll be honest, journalists want stories that affect people. Got a new distributor? Not that thrilling. Most journos will be looking for stories that will be newsworthy to the reader or listener. Does having a new distributor mean you’ve just created an extra 100 jobs? Tell us that first.

Find this helpful? If you’re looking for more expert advice on writing engaging, mind-blowing press releases, just get in touch here.

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Inside look: Working with Coast & Green Wed, 01 Aug 2018 15:36:41 +0000 Running my own business means I get to work with other entrepreneurs who are just as passionate about their jobs as I am.

Step in, Coast & Green.

This new, Cornwall-based interior styling and staging business is made up of two inspiring women, Coreena Brooks and Rachel Luke.

Together, they are building a brand which is helping home owners and property developers transform their living spaces, breathing new life into interior décor and boosting property value.

Fortunately, I was lucky enough to work with the duo when they approached me about their website.

It was one of those projects that got me excited before it had even begun. Working together, we crafted a voice and worked out their aims, before putting pen to paper (or text to Word doc, if you will).

I then wrote content, based on their mission statement, which will form the basis of their website (due to launch later this year).

During the project, we also took advantage of a sun-drenched day and headed to the beach, where we captured some stunning photos for the site, too.

By using this bespoke, personalised approach, I was left with lovely, happy clients who also gave me a wonderful testimonial.

You can check it out here.

But, for me, working with businesses who are buzzing about what they do is magical – and it’s about capturing that buzz and re-inventing that same enthusiasm in words, photos and on social media.

So, before you go, check out some of the photos from my shoot with them below (and if you’re interested in working with Peppy Media too, don’t hesitate to get in touch).

To find out more about Coast & Green, check them out on Instagram. Just click here.

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Blogging – where you’re going wrong and three tips to get you started Fri, 20 Jul 2018 15:33:25 +0000 Blogging. No, it’s not reserved for housewives or full-time ‘influencers’ – and it’s definitely not limited to those moaning about first-world problems.

It’s actually that thing many of us, as businesses, should probably be doing but often have little time to actually do… or the know-how.

Why? Because writing a blog is an effective way of engaging with your existing (and hopefully future) clients.

Every time you type something into Google, a blog on that subject is probably going to appear on the first page – giving you advice on where to buy a product or solving your problem before you’ve even realised what it is.

Posting regularly also keeps websites relevant and up-to-date, telling the little bots that this is a source of trusted information and boosting you that little bit higher. Do it well? It’s SEO gold.

So, where are you going wrong?

First off, if you haven’t started one, it’s probably time you did. However, don’t expect it to take off straight away.

It takes time to build an audience and you might not necessarily see numbers immediately, so, give it time. Make sure you’re sharing your post on your social media channels and interact with people who comment or ask questions – in a professional manner, of course.

Then what?

Think about what you’re actually writing. You might think your life story is the most interesting thing in the world. Truth is, it’s probably not.

So, consider what the content is that you’re actually giving to your audience. Is it valuable? Can they apply it to their everyday life? Will they be able to use it? Is it shareable?

Blogging is an ideal way to show people that you know what you’re talking about.

Helpful tip – a great way to come up with ideas is to ask your audience what they actually want to know.

And, finally…

Make it worth your time. You don’t need to post every day – it’s time-consuming and you’ll quickly grow to hate it (especially if writing is not normally your forte).

We’d advise posting once a week and picking a quieter afternoon to do it. Perhaps pull together a bank of ideas that you can just dip into each time, so you’re not pulling your hair out every time you come to write, too.

Not ready to be set loose yet? Get in touch with the team here at Peppy Media and we’ll guide you in the right direction…

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