Blogging. No, it’s not reserved for housewives or full-time ‘influencers’ – and it’s definitely not limited to those moaning about first-world problems.

It’s actually that thing many of us, as businesses, should probably be doing but often have little time to actually do… or the know-how.

Why? Because writing a blog is an effective way of engaging with your existing (and hopefully future) clients.

Every time you type something into Google, a blog on that subject is probably going to appear on the first page – giving you advice on where to buy a product or solving your problem before you’ve even realised what it is.

Posting regularly also keeps websites relevant and up-to-date, telling the little bots that this is a source of trusted information and boosting you that little bit higher. Do it well? It’s SEO gold.

So, where are you going wrong?

First off, if you haven’t started one, it’s probably time you did. However, don’t expect it to take off straight away.

It takes time to build an audience and you might not necessarily see numbers immediately, so, give it time. Make sure you’re sharing your post on your social media channels and interact with people who comment or ask questions – in a professional manner, of course.

Then what?

Think about what you’re actually writing. You might think your life story is the most interesting thing in the world. Truth is, it’s probably not.

So, consider what the content is that you’re actually giving to your audience. Is it valuable? Can they apply it to their everyday life? Will they be able to use it? Is it shareable?

Blogging is an ideal way to show people that you know what you’re talking about.

Helpful tip – a great way to come up with ideas is to ask your audience what they actually want to know.

And, finally…

Make it worth your time. You don’t need to post every day – it’s time-consuming and you’ll quickly grow to hate it (especially if writing is not normally your forte).

We’d advise posting once a week and picking a quieter afternoon to do it. Perhaps pull together a bank of ideas that you can just dip into each time, so you’re not pulling your hair out every time you come to write, too.

Not ready to be set loose yet? Get in touch with the team here at Peppy Media and we’ll guide you in the right direction…