Running my own business means I get to work with other entrepreneurs who are just as passionate about their jobs as I am.

Step in, Coast & Green.

This new, Cornwall-based interior styling and staging business is made up of two inspiring women, Coreena Brooks and Rachel Luke.

Together, they are building a brand which is helping home owners and property developers transform their living spaces, breathing new life into interior décor and boosting property value.

Fortunately, I was lucky enough to work with the duo when they approached me about their website.

It was one of those projects that got me excited before it had even begun. Working together, we crafted a voice and worked out their aims, before putting pen to paper (or text to Word doc, if you will).

I then wrote content, based on their mission statement, which will form the basis of their website (due to launch later this year).

During the project, we also took advantage of a sun-drenched day and headed to the beach, where we captured some stunning photos for the site, too.

By using this bespoke, personalised approach, I was left with lovely, happy clients who also gave me a wonderful testimonial.

You can check it out here.

But, for me, working with businesses who are buzzing about what they do is magical – and it’s about capturing that buzz and re-inventing that same enthusiasm in words, photos and on social media.

So, before you go, check out some of the photos from my shoot with them below (and if you’re interested in working with Peppy Media too, don’t hesitate to get in touch).

To find out more about Coast & Green, check them out on Instagram. Just click here.