Having a brand identity is a key part of running a business.

From the colours in your logos and visual branding to how you present yourself to each and every customer that walks through your door, consistency is crucial in helping people to remember you – long after you’ve made that first impression.

When you’re thinking about your brand logo, you wouldn’t chop and change the colours every five minutes depending on how you felt.

So, why do that with your messaging?

If you’re posting to social media, it’s super important to ensure you are keeping the same tone of voice throughout, so people know what kind of brand you are.

Think about it; are you a serious business, dealing with things like wealth management or insurance? Your tone is probably going to be very different to, say, a business promoting local surf lessons.

Here at Peppy, our tone is friendly, approachable – and a little bit off the wall (just like many of our clients!).

We want our potential clients to feel comfortable enough to pick up the phone and expect a fun, positive experience.

This is why in each and every post we do, and throughout our messaging on our whole website (including this blog), we carefully consider how we sound to those who may have never come across us before.

So, what should you be thinking about with every message you’re putting out?

First, think about who you’re targeting. Are they older people? Do they understand millennial slang or are they more likely to put you in your place for using a word that doesn’t ‘technically’ fit that purpose? We’re thinking things like ‘literally’ for things that aren’t actually ‘literal’, here.

Next, consider the product or service you are selling. Fun, upbeat and funny probably isn’t going to work for a funeral director. A local bar, though? Go for it.

Finally, make sure it’s consistent. We’ve already highlighted this above but it’s worth driving the message home. If you want to be the optimistic, generous friend with your branding, avoid posting abrupt, serious statuses in between happy posts about how wonderful your latest client has been.

Want some help with finding the right tone of voice for you? Get in touch! Email hazel@peppymedia.co.uk.