A photo can tell a thousand words… or so they say.

We’re always told not to judge a book by its cover and we absolutely shouldn’t.

Unfortunately, we’re also probably guilty of doing exactly that at some time or another.

Just from a first impression, we subconsciously make a number of assumptions about a person or a business, before we’ve even given them a real chance.

And, sometimes, this isn’t such a bad thing – how much we care about the representation of our work or ourselves could be an indication to customers of how we do business.

Looking sloppy? There’s the assumption that working with you might be unorganised, unprofessional or simply not up to scratch.

Looking sharp? We’d probably expect business with you to be quick and efficient with high-standard results.

Check out Sam from Dynamic Edge innovation (above). Would you want to do business with this guy? Probably.

It’s not hard to pick which impression you’d rather be giving.

So, why ruin it at the first hurdle with a poor headshot?

More and more people, particularly business owners and entrepreneurs, are using social media sites to find the services they need every day.

And as the digital world evolves, so should we.

Take this for an example; you wouldn’t put a picture of yourself crammed between three mates on your company website, so why are you doing it on your professional social media account?

We’re not talking about your personal account on Facebook, just FYI (though, you might want to check what comes up when you search for yourself… ya know, just in case).

We’re talking about sites like LinkedIn, which are becoming key hubs for businesses, where connections and deals are being made every hour.

Above: Coreena, co-founder of Coast & Green

It’s also worth bearing in mind that the image we’re putting out can also influence the way we feel about ourselves; at the end of the day, the term ‘dress for success’ didn’t come from nothing.

So, let us help you out – these are just four tips to help you get that ideal shot:

  • Distance: Think of your profile picture like your portfolio headshot. If I want to do business with you, I might want to put a face to a name. Let me actually see you, not just a spec stood by your favourite monument.
  • Groups: You might think that photo of you and your mates from Zante 2016 shows how ‘sociable’ you are – but I can’t actually tell which one is you. Make sure you are the only person in the photo.
  • Selfies: Everyone loves a selfie, but this isn’t a beauty competition. The popular lips-pouting-from-a-high-angle-shot (guys, we know you do it, too) is probably more like something for your dating profile. If you can get someone else to take the picture, do it.
  • Time-frame: Bear in mind that people doing business with you, particularly if they haven’t met you before, are expecting you to look like your profile picture. Try to use a photo that shows you as you are now, rather than 20 years ago.

headshot of Hazel from Peppy Media

We hope that some of these tips can help you get that near-perfect profile picture – but if you’d like some help, we love doing headshots here at Peppy Media!

From just £100, get in touch for professional social media and web shoots that will create that expert look for your business profile.

Just email hazel@peppymedia.co.uk or call 07920518727.