News today… gone tomorrow.

It’s the ever-frustrating problem – getting your latest news out to the press, without having to pay the fees that come with advertising.

Thing is, we all think our news is exciting and important (and to be fair, to your company, we’re sure it is).

However, coming from a media background, it’s safe to say you’ve got to do something pretty special to catch our attention.

A news desk is a busy, sometimes manic, environment. It’s where journalists are sifting through hundreds of emails every day, keeping their eyes on every social media channel and responding to events as and when they happen.

To say the least, it’s not your sit-back-and-drink-tea kinda job. They’ve got deadlines, legal pressures and a dwindling workforce to deal with.

Honestly? It can get pretty stressful, even on a ‘slow day’ (which, contrary to what the online trolls believe, isn’t really a thing).

If you’re sending over a press release that doesn’t immediately grab their attention, it’s going straight in the bin. Or into the folder marked ‘later’… that no-one ever has a chance to look at later.

So, what can you do to make your press release stand out?

Here’s a couple of tips to get you started:

  • Get to the point. This is key – don’t make us read to the end of your press release to find out what you’re trying to say, because, chances are, we probably won’t get that far.
  • Make it human. Okay, so you’ve got this great new technology – don’t tell me what the complicated, textbook explanation is. Sum it up in a short and sweet way that is readable to most humans (we probably don’t have experience in your industry and our readers probably won’t either).
  • Give us a story worth telling. I’ll be honest, journalists want stories that affect people. Got a new distributor? Not that thrilling. Most journos will be looking for stories that will be newsworthy to the reader or listener. Does having a new distributor mean you’ve just created an extra 100 jobs? Tell us that first.

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